• The Ewan Tarp Lift

  • Ewan Enterprises - The Ewan Tarp Lift SystemThe Ewan Tarp Lift (patent pending) offers a safe solution for tarping flatbed trailers. This tarp lift is a must-have asset for any company that is safety minded and proactive when it comes to keeping truck drivers safe while conducting tarping operations. The Ewan Tarp Lift allows drivers to tarp any load without climbing, with less effort and little training for your company. This no-climb truck tarping system is efficient, safe and reduces liability.
  • The Ewan Enterprises TarpliftThe Ewan Enterprises Tarp Lift

    Benefits of the Ewan Tarp Lift:

    • Designed for tarping safety

      – No climbing on the load and less physical labor

    • Reduces Liability

      • Keeps the truck drivers off of the load
      • Reduces the time it takes the truck drivers to tarp
        (The less time a transporation associate is on your property, the less liability)
      • Controls the environment in which tarping is conducted
        (whoever requires the tarping is liable no matter where the load is tarped)
    • Cost Effective

      – One accident can cost several times what The Ewan Tarp Lift costs

    • Efficient

      – The driver will use the tarping system because it is easier and safer

    • Proven Dependability

      – Designed, developed and used by a trucker who has tarped trucks in all conditions for nearly 25 years